Adjust HSA Contribution Changing your HSA contribution is very easy. Fill out the form below and submit it to the treasurer’s department. You can fill out this form to increase or decrease your HSA contribution anytime you like.
Compass This link will allow you to look up the cost of medical services (not prescription prices). First-time users, you will need to register. For a more personal connection, you can contact Erin Wettergren directly for help in pricing medical services, prescriptions, etc. Erin Phone: 800.513.1667 Email: (for prices on prescriptions, you will need to contact Erin directly via phone or email)
CVS/Caremark This link will allow you to look up the cost of prescriptions. Ellen Lewis from the EPC talked to us at Fall Institute 2017. You can contact Ellen at
AF HSA Online Set-up  Watch the video for step-by-step directions on how to set-up your American Fidelity online account.
Eligible Expenses Use this American Fidelity link to look up eligible expenses.
Live and Work Well Use the Live and Work Well website to look up in-network mental health services. Click the link to the left to see how to access the Live and Work Well site.
Good Rx

(before you use a Good RX coupon, please read the information to the right)
Click the link below to read a warning about using Good RX and other prescription discount programs. It’s very important that you click this link and read the information.
Virtual Visit This is an online service supplied by UHC where you can talk face-to-face in a virtual doctor appointment. These doctors can even prescribe medication.
Health Benefits Summary Pages 39-42 in our contract detail the benefits afforded to us; however, those pages are difficult to read because of the small print. This link is provided with the hope you magnify the text to a readable size.
Contract  Pages 37-45 of our contract covers insurance concerns. To view this document, you will need to members only password.